Professional Shoe Fitting

Where to Start

The gait cycle is the basic understanding of how we walk and run. It begins the moment the foot leaves the ground and ends when the same foot hits the ground. Every pattern of motion in between helps our shoe fitters understand how much guidance and correction an individual may need to get their body moving in the right direction.

We begin our process by not only visually assessing the foot for any abnormal pathologies, but we take several measurements to determine arch height, degree of pronation, and hip mobility. This gives us a better measure of how your body is able to stabilize itself, and where we may find points of muscular imbalances. We find that most common running injuries are easily traceable to those areas of weaknesses.

Through our video analysis, we are able to break down your running and walking mechanics, and visually trace how your body moves through each planes of motion. If we need to provide correction, our professionally trained team will suggest tips on form improvement or footwear choices to ensure that you find a shoe that works best with your mechanics, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that you’ve made the best possible choice and value.

No appointments necessary. A Runner’s Mind is committed to providing you with the best customer service and the most innovative running technology and knowledge the industry has to offer!

We provide a series of assessments measuring arch height, degree of pronation, hip mobility and stability to provide a custom and individualized fit.

Our innovative video analysis allows us to guide people step-by-step through the gait cycle to better understand their body’s needs in motion.

Each guest is a new friend, and every Team member delivers one-on-one time, care, patience, and attention to detail as we break down the individual’s athletic history and any injuries/discomforts/barriers they may have encountered through training.