Virtual Gait Analysis Video Submission

Here are some tips for you to create a video to send to us to help you through a gait analysis. Note, these are tips for filming inside; if you’re able to keep social distance while filming outside, please feel free!

1. We are trying to get a sense of your running gait. Ideally this is filmed head on and from the ground

2. Lace up your current running shoes and find a hallway or a room large enough to take several running strides

3. At one end set up your phone on the ground with the camera pointing straight down the path you will run (Use a cup or a mug to prop your phone)

4. Run easy. A warm up pace. Run away from the camera and straight back at it 2 – 3 times

5. Run a straight line as best as you can

6. Presto! Send us the video!  Send an email to with an upload of your video.

7. Head back to the Virtual Gait Analysis page to schedule your fit.

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