Alex Ho is leading a series of monthly clinics focused on covering every aspect of running from strength, to speed, to trails, to recovery. Each month is a different topic and will get you ready to lace up your shoes whether it’s your first or the 500th time.


About Alex Ho

In June of 2010, in the midst of his “Yes Year,” Alex started attending classes with an outdoor fitness group in San Francisco and his life would never be the same. Born and raised in Denver, CO, he was no stranger to the great outdoors but Alex didn’t grow up running distances. In fact, he didn’t even like to run. It was in these classes that he discovered his innate athleticism and his natural running abilities. What he thought would only change his waistline ultimately changed his entire life physically, mentally and professionally. With this newfound passion, Alex went from working in a cubical all day to helping others reach their fitness and health goals.

Alex now works as a full time personal trainer, health coach, and run coach for his outdoor fitness company Revision Athletics. He uses the same intrinsic motivation that carried him to the finish line of multiple 100-mile races to help others discover their inner athlete.

With multiple races under his belt including 10k’s, half marathons, marathons, triathlons (olympic and long distance), and ultra marathons, Alex knows what it’s like to suffer and succeed.

When he’s not leading a class or working with a client, Alex can be found out running on the trails or taking other fitness classes to expand his knowledge. His philosophy of “raising the standards of fitness” challenges people to look at fitness in a holistic not masochistic view.”