Started at ARM: 2010
Favorite Bay Area Races: Gobble Wobble, Payton Jordan, BCE Spirit Run, Hillsborough Fun Run, Giants Race
Shoe of choice on race day: Hoka One One Clifton
Why run? The most durable fabric that binds runners together is pain; that inside-out pain that we routinely subject ourselves to in order to make us better; better in ways that are deeply meaningful, intensely personal, and wonderfully gratifying to each of us, down to our souls.
Why ARM? A Runners Mind’s commitment is to inspire you to pursue life-long running and to use running as a platform to build character. ARM is more than a top US specialty running store. A Runners Mind is the place we arrive when we finish, come to rest, and see life for all its possibilities.
Running accessory you can’t run without: Garmin 620, CEP Compression socks, Tifosi sunglasses, Glide