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Get ready to sculpt and tighten your abs, strengthen and sculpt those muscles on your body!

Crash Core is a one-hour class with the first 30-minute focusing on abs, followed by 30-minute muscle sculpting.  It’s a fun non-impact class designed to tone and lean out your muscles. We focus on core strengthening and proper form to strengthen your abdominal area.  We will focus on the following set of muscles in your core:
– Internal and external abdominal oblique (love handles)
– Rectus Abdominis (upper abs)
– Tendinous Inscriptions (lower abs)
– Transversus Abdominis (obliques & abdominal muscles wrapped around your spine)

80% of abs is made in the kitchen and your nutrition is key – 20% is lifestyle and how hard we work our core!  This class will work your muscles like never before with a dedicated non-impact muscle toning and functional training.  We will always focus on two sets of muscle groups per class – Pectoralis Major and Trapezius, Quadriceps and Triceps, Shoulders and Hamstrings, Biceps and

Gluteus Maximus, Lats and Calves.

This class is for all type of work out enthusiast, beginners and advance.

Form, Quality and no Half Reps – That is the formula of Crash Core – Become a lean, mean muscle machine!