The Beginning

Founded in 2010 in Burlingame, we wanted to create a place for runners and walkers to meet, shop, run, and enjoy all that fitness can bring into one’s life. We first started in a small shop on a quiet corner street, waving new customers into our shop. For the first couple months, our group runs consisted of just friends and family. But overtime, we have moved to a larger space in downtown Burlingame, and our multiple group runs attract a consistent crowd of 40+ runners!

In 2013, we opened our first store in San Francisco. Most the of the store was built during late nights by our Burlingame group runners (a huge shout out to everyone who spent countless nights past midnight doing construction and new store!). We opened our doors with the ground running, and now host weekly runs that go through the scenic Presidio and Golden Gate Park. You may even catch us cooking waffles and pancakes for our runners after a long run through Land’s End and Ocean Beach!

And Beyond (2016)

We are currently opening our newest location in Lafayette, and already have group runs lined up to end with beers and food at the local restaurants! We sponsor all the local races and triathlons in the East Bay, and have our own races up and running. Be sure to stop in and check us out in downtown Lafayette soon.