Welcome America!

Currently with locations throughout the Bay Area, we are an independent, locally owned running store, ran and operated by local passionate and knowledgeable runners. We live here, we shop here, we run here. You will see us at your local grocery store, eating at the local restaurants in town, and running all the same roads and trails as you. Make sure to stop our Team members and say hello – they are most likely going to remember your name and the shoe that they fit you for!

A Runner’s Mind is more than a retail brick-and-mortar store: we are brand, a way of life. We believe that Movement is Life, and we plan on bringing movement into every community that we set up shop in. Everyone who comes into one of our stores becomes a part of that story and brand. We want to have a positive effect on people’s lives. We want to help one reach their goal, and then figure out their next. We want to bring running back to the sport that it once was in this country on a world-class competition level. We will not stop until we achieve all of these things, so come on in and join us. ARM Up!

Commitment to Our Community

As active members in all the Bay Area we are committed to bringing a lively, engaging presence and passion for running and exercise that extends well beyond our stores. You will see us at your track/cross country meets, cheer you on while driving past you on your weekly run, and encouraging you near the finish of your next race. You’ll find us using social media to stay connected and recognize your running accomplishments – whether winning a championship or simple lacing up for a workout in the rain. We strive to be the hub for the Bay Area’s Running and Walking community, and we bring that goal and passion into the shopping experience for everyone who walks into our doors.

Passion for Superior Service

When you come to our store or meet us online, you will meet… a kindred running spirit. We get it, we’ve been there, we’re as crazy as you are – we exercise too much and too little, we’ve had your injuries, and we know how you address the essential elements of your exercise world – beginning with your feet and inexplicably directly enhancing your mind, health, and well-being. Whether you’re an aspiring or an elite CCS runner or an adult runner or walker – the members of the A Runner’s Mind team will understand your needs and help you realize your dreams.