Discover Running was created to encourage people to cultivate the depth and maximize the happiness they derive from running. Our team strives to fully identify and build upon the character that people gain from running. We are fascinated by the raw allure that drives runners and with the relentless to keep running that grasps us so intrinsically.

We have created Discover Running and our Youth Running Camps in order to pass on our passion for running to the next generation. Our running camps can help student athletes, runners, and any youths that have a passion for or simply an interest in becoming runners.

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Youth Running Camps

Warm Ups
Core Workouts
Proper Form
Racing Strategy

Discover Running After School Enrichment Programs

“Running is the most common and fundamental form of exercise. Running is highly sustainable and fun – if taught properly – and can benefit boys and girls during other activities, sports, and through life. Join us where your girls and boys will learn to run correctly, safely, and will have fun with our team and other students in a non-competitive setting. Runners at all levels welcome. In addition, skills will be discussed and practiced such as goal setting, hard work, teamwork, confidence, and doing your best via games and interaction. Parents will learn about health benefits of running. Hydration and nutritious snacks will be provided. Year-end individual Recognition Event at A Runner’s Mind in Burlingame for all participants.”

Age Range: 3rd-5th

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